Wednesday 23 June 2010

Technology Tree Conference

I didn't attend all, but what I saw was great. Liz Leck from Hippodrome also promoted Bright Space/ Creative Partnerships. Also displays from RAF Cosford, Space centre, and Sideways Theatre, all great creative organisations I'd love to work with in future.

Paganel's Scalextric project with Frankley City of Learning and Stan's Cafe, stole the show - with additional presentation on Friday and the workshop ran by the children, it was great to see how much conversation around the project. For more, try Steve's excellent blogs relating to project.

Excellent opportunity to mix with a new network for me (to get all the links - organised by BXL). Aleady interest in Paganel Scalextric project from other schools more than just lifting the idea into other schools - There is a very real possibility for a Scalextric network and call to bring School Grand Prix back to Birmingham - Liz already suggesting Hippodrome may be interested in hosting!

Made me think about 'open space' workshop I had taken part in on Thursday. Concept seems sound - everyone equal, opportunity to put forward possible areas for discussion, then you choose to join, leave, rejoin, whichever debate you like. I was interested in comment by Bob that children were more open to join and leave discussions, teachers more likely to stay with a group from the beginning to end of session. Why should this be?

I find it very difficult to leave a group or network. When someone asks to be a Facebook friend, I do take a moment to think about who they are and whether I want to be friend, but once they are a 'friend', even if very distant, it would take something pretty radical for me to 'defriend' them. Likewise with networking, meeting all those new people at tree conference, I genuinely want to keep in touch with, even though realistically I can't keep in touch with everyone as well as I'd like.

It means I (hopefully) will have an ever expanding network, and more to fit into day, but the amount of opportunities that could develop is phenomenal. Rather than 'declutter', 'defreind' or 'defollow' I see my challenge as to effectively manage and
develop with my new and old partners.

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