Tuesday 12 November 2013

Where's Howie gone?

Howie is a jolly round gnome, 25cm tall, dressed in green and yellow and big black boots, last seen in a tree near New Billesley Pub.  He's been moving around for a little while, ready for people to find, have a chat with, take a photo.  At the end of last week he went missing, location unknown, and we want to make contact with him again.

Do you know anything that could lead to finding him?  Maybe you saw a little person somewhere in the area.  Keep your eyes peeled - I've added photos and video clip below.

And while you're at it take a look at this space, or a space near you from a different perspective - a gnome's eye view might not be one you've considered before.  But how's about a cyclist's, a pedestrian, or a small child.  What do you do in spaces near you?  What do you think you could do?  Space Explorers are interested in your ideas.