Sunday 18 January 2015

Help families to work and play

Austerity measures are hitting many poor families across the UK, both directly and indirectly.  In removing funding for the only fully inclusive after-school club, Playwell, parents with disabled children, who have previously been able to work, will be forced to give up working to care for their children.

Apart from the many advantages of their children attending Playwell after-school group, the families themselves benefit, meeting families in similar situations.  Additional pressure on these families will also increase the need for expensive respite care and other services to support families

Cutting funding for this service will cost us all more, both as parents will no longer be able to work, and in providing more expensive respite care and other services which will be needed.

The families themselves are campaigning to keep Playwell running, but so far neither the economic sense, nor the needs of the families themselves are being considered.

Playwell (customised childcare) : Making The Case For Equal Access To Work from Axe Films on Vimeo.

Parks4Play and Dens of Equality have launched a campaign in recognition of the value of play, and the value of work for everyone, including disabled children and their families.  Join with us to ensure families with disabled children are not deprived of their right to work, train and study, by signing our petition:

At the same time we recognise the value of equal access to work, we are also making the case to recognise the value of PLAY - to make play a charitable object in its own right.  Play is a biological, psychological and social  necessity.  Time and money needs to be given for play, both of which have been eroded recently:
'It's absence is now causing real apprehension for children and young people's well-being.  This is demonstrated daily by rising concerns around safeguarding, mental health and obesity issues.  The UK is bound to article 31 of the UN convention protecting Childrens Right to Play.  Play demands recognition as an end in itself, as a priority frontline service for all children and as a stadalone object absolutely worthy of funding'
Laura Watts, Dens of Equality 

Sign our petition to make play a charitable object:

Another fab video demonstrating the value of Play:

Dens of Equality - Inclusive Play, Birmingham from Axe Films on Vimeo.