Friday 23 October 2015

Chris Upton, local hero & legend

At Chris's memorial service, Newman College, it became clear how little I knew about Chris's life, but no surprises how many lives he had touched.  In the short time I knew him it seemed he was able to easily read and understand me, and had an uncanny ability to lighten and inspire with the right story, or the wrong pun.

I've included some film clips - Chris opening Paganel Archives, at Paganel School presenting his 'local heroes', the famous rotunda legend, a clip by 'Astro Ignition', and the quote from the Venerable Bede from the reading given by Noel Williams at his memorial service at Newman University.
'He opened Hearts and Minds' @distinctlybc

Saturday 10 October 2015

My school, parking, myths & excuses

We're always told change takes time, but when road safety outside Kings Heath Primary school continues to deteriorate over a matter of years, it's hard to believe it'll ever happen.  Here's some of the feeble myths and excuses I've been given:

Tuesday 6 October 2015

The Localisation agenda

Mark Thomas, thanks Who's laughing now
In the last couple of weeks I've heard, read, seen and been inspired by the unholy alliance of Mark Thomas, George Osborne and James McKay - all very different political animals, but all identifying the need for 'localisation', albeit for different reasons.