Wednesday 23 June 2010

100hr challenge

So, first response, how on earth can I ever find an hour a day for one hundred days? Second response, maybe a good challenge might to be not to challenge myself for one hundred days. It is hard, but I'd like to find extra time to make the difference. I still feel like kicking against the hour a day, and I can't stand calling other priorities in my life 'extraneous pillars', but can see value in committing time to a cause.

Having friends doing similar, to support and encourage is also a big incentive. I think I need that to do anything. Rachel leads the way with her bass playing, Alex learning to cook I think is a great real world network and food thing. Bobbie's will be interesting too and Philippa's is closest to what mine would be, Any other's out there? Looking forward to finding out.

So, after nearly one week thinking about what to do, I think I want to continue developing networks, and interested in spending the time to make digital stuff work better for me, and for all the people I work and live with.

In one hundred days/hours I will transform into a new a better me, developing the way I organise myself and making time for reflection, supported and documented by digital stuff. I also want to value the people I come into contact with, share and build networks, again, probably supported by digital things. Is that a good 100hr challenge? Who knows - I'll give it a go. Day 1 done.

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