Sunday 20 April 2014

Don't know your MEP?

Michael Cashman MEP discussing Gender Equality in Work
On 22nd May we'll be voting for our European Parliamentary Members and Birmingham Council members.

So who are our Euro Parliamentary Members and what have they done for us? There are 73 members from the UK, and I struggle to come up with more than one name. After a first brief search on net I fail to recognize any West Midland members, or what they stand for. You'll find them here:

From brief check, even from their own literature it is hard to find out what they've been doing, or indeed what they stand for (except for the ones that want out).  It'll come as no surprise they all seem to stand for more jobs in WM, more opportunities and support for more funding, regeneration, but I find it hard to split them.

Michael Cashman is the exception here, repeatedly standing up for Gender Equality and Human Rights across Europe and wider world (also see

I'm looking forward to meeting the European Parliamentary candidates and hear them speak in All Saints Church, Kings Heath on Saturday 10th May.  All seven parties will present their policies in the morning from 11.30 - 12.45 and will answer questions from 1.30 - 2.45.  Admission is free, all are welcome. A wide range of food will be available on sale in the cafĂ© and on the village square.

All Saints Church is located in the centre of Kings Heath, at the Junction of the A435, Alcester Road and the B4122, Vicarage Road, B14 7RA.

Failing that, you may find out a bit more at:

Or if you have useful information, please forward.