Tuesday 28 April 2015

Save the leftovers

It's our third night of living below the line for Save the children.  There are no 'leftovers' living on a pound a day.  As the meal ends Arthur sings 'Castle on a Cloud' - a rather depressing song about child neglect and poverty.  Freya cheers us all up with the story she's been doing at school about a Matchstick Girl who goes to live with her Grandmother.  Unfortunately Jago recognises that actually it was Han's Christian Andersen's Matchstick Girl of 1845, who joins her grandmother in death through cold & starvation.

We're not exactly starving, but I think we're all feeling the pinch - no luxuries - no sweets, alcohol, chocolate, and we've got to watch expenditure on fruit and veg, to make sure we don't go over and have to spend less the next day.  So far I think we've spent £14.92 (5 people, 5 days, we have a total of £25) so going well (see dull meals and calculations below).

Thanks everyone for support, and please do donate/sponsor us



Sunday night

Leek & potato soup

Leeks 60p
Potatoes 50p
Lentils 20p
Stock cube 11p


Packed lunches (cream cheese sandwiches)
Macaroni cheese & broccoli

1 Coffee 12p


Packed lunches (cream cheese sandwiches)
Noodles with veg
Pineapple turnover

1 Coffee 12p


Packed lunches (cream cheese sandwiches)
Beans on toast
Pineapple turnover


Packed lunches (cream cheese sandwiches)
Leek and potato soup


Packed lunches


Bread 29p (reduced)
Rolled Oats 75p 1kg
Marg  90p 500g
Sugar 59p 1kg
Bananas 32p (2 of)
Raisins 84p (500g)
Milk 158p (8 pints)
Eggs 89p (6 Free range)
Broccoli 49p
Courgette 30p
Pineapple 80p
Noodles 95p (5 packs)
Cheese £1 (a third of a big block)
Cream Cheese 69p
Juice 65p
Honey 130p
S-R Flour 80p
Macaroni 25p (half a bag)
petits filous 59p
Baked beans 70p (2 cans)