Sunday 20 January 2013

Fondue fun and farting

Later, making snowmen in Highbury Fart
Only me and Nikki were sat at the dinner table.  Of our three children, one was on the toilet, one dancing, and the other, somewhere in between. We'd served up a delicious, healthy homemade leek and potato soup, a selection of  crudities, and none of our children wanted to sit and eat.  Mealtimes had been troublesome for while - We never sat down together, ate had a chat about things.  What was going on?

'It's just boring'

And it was true.  We didn't really try to make it fun.  Sitting down with our own little portions of the same thing which maybe only one of us really wanted doesn't really inspire eating or talking.

How can we make it better?  We got some good suggestions, and we tried out a few straight away.  First was swapping jokes (thanks Hacker and all from CBBC). Next, talking is just boring, even if it is planning fun things to do later like making snowmen, but not if you try and slip wee, fart or poo in.  Not one to try with the grandparents, but wee had good fun pooing it (ho, ho).

Games during mealtime?  If it helps eating at table and chat.  Draughts at breakfast was fun.  Playing with food?  Why not? We got the old fondue set out for the first time in about eight years, dusted it off and had delicious cheese and chocolate fondues.  Not one bum left it's seat for nearly half an hour.

Funny how easy it is to get too wrapped up in our own little world and forget to have fun.

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