Tuesday 20 July 2010

Operation Black Vote - one to follow

Came across this through Linkedin, when made contact with the fabulous Rebecca Hemmings, founder of Soliloquy.
We worked on A shared History, A Shared future slavery project in 2007 on behalf of library services - she is a fantastic drama practitioner, and respect her work.  Web pages may fade, but archives linger on.

Bishop Joe Aldred also took part in our 2007 'A Shared History, A shared Future' slavery project is a part of OPV

Operation Black Vote, according to Rebecca:

"OBV's work is outstanding in my books, they are really reaching where others haven't managed to. "

Rebecca is shadowing Simon Hughes, deputy leader Lib Dems, and she blogs her progress.  Four other MPs are being shadowed.  I think it's great - check it out for yourself, keep up with blogs, do all you can to support them.

Image thanks Rebecca, story on Ben Radio

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