Sunday 29 November 2015

Travel to School

On Thursday 26th November I ran a special assembly with Year 5 children - the first of a series of workshops at Kings Heath Primary about 'Travel to School'.  It's objective is similar to 'Car Culture' workshops at KHP three years ago - to document how children felt about the way they got to school.

As always, it was interesting to see what children thought, and also what had changed - the rise of the Segway as a form of transport was unexpected.  The growing number of children who would like to travel to school by bike or scooter, but feel they can't, was something I was expecting.

We chose to work with year 5 again because in year 6 children can have permission to walk to school on their own.  Both the school and parents are particularly aware of the dangers children face on their way to school - Hope Fennell, former pupil at Kings Heath Primary, was killed on her way home from Queensbridge School less than 100 yards from Kings Heath Primary four years ago.

See this five minute video to hear what children thought, and look at some of the results (below) and in the film.

Here's a few quotes I've picked out:

From pupils who want to cycle to school:

  • 'I hardly ever ride on my bike because it's quite hard'
  • 'I'd like to go to school on my bike but I only every get to go on my bike in the park.'
  • 'I already go on my bike and scooter to school, but I'd like to do it more.'
  • 'I'd learn more going to school on my bike, because I rarely do it. I like it.'

From pupils who like to be driven to school:

  • 'I like to go in a car because I don't like to get cold'
  • 'I like to play on my ipod in the car'
  • 'I like to go in the car because when it's raining'
  • 'I'd like to go in the car because I'm a bit lazy'


  • 'I rarely walk to school.  I normally I go by car.  I like walking to school because I miss my friends.'
  • 'I like walking to school because you get a lot of fresh air.'

And buses:

  • You have lots of space...and also you get other people on the bus, so it's not just you
  • If I know some people on the bus you can talk to them, instead of being alone in a cold car
Here are the statistics we got freom year five at the assembly, compared with three years ago for 'Car Culture':

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  1. i find it pretty dangerous taking my daughter to school ,once you get within 50 metres of the school you take your life in your hands whether your in a car or on the pathway,these people cant seem to walk more than a few feet and have no consideration for anything but there own lazyness .most of them live with 250 metres of where there children go to school and it must take longer to go in the car in the long run .