Saturday 21 November 2015

Plan for Safer routes to Swanshurst

 As part of 'Safer routes to school' there are significant plans to improve access to and from Swan Corner roundabout outside Swanshurst School.

Safer routes to school is part of a wider Birmingham City Council strategy.  Swan Corner roundabout is an accident blackspot, it's great that it is getting proposed for improvements, but the consultation and the changes need to be right.

Please take part in our survey before 8th December to raise concerns or show your support for changes being suggested.  We are also hosting a Swan Corner meeting 7pm on 8th December either at the Billesley Pub or in the Sixth Form room, Swanshurst School (TBC)

Together with letters and forms sent to some of the houses directly within the effect area, this will form the basis of the city council consultation 

Here's the email from Garry Dalton, the engineer responsible for the plans and the consultation, and links to .pdfs showing details:

Please find attached drawing no IMSE/GD/393-Swanshurst School showing the proposed Safer Routes to School scheme for Wheelers Lane etc., Billesley, Springfield and Moseley and Kings Heath.  The proposed scheme includes the following measures;

·       Raised kerbing on grass verges along Wheelers Lane
·       Introduction of double yellow lines on Wheelers lane
·       Installation of additional concrete bollards on Brook Lane
·       Construction of 1 type 4 pedestrian refuge in Brook Lane.
·       New pedestrian crossing point on Brook Lane
·       Construction of run-off area to roundabout.
·       Introduction of Limited waiting & double yellow lines on Brook Lane.
·       Raised kerbing on grass verges along Brook Lane
·       Creation of emergency services access point

I would be grateful if you could let me know if you support these proposals, or forward any other comments you may wish to make by Friday 11th December 2015.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0121 303 5405 if you should require any further information

Kindest Regards


Sheet 1 - Overall plan
Sheet 2 - Wheelers Lane
Sheet 3 - The Billesley PH
Sheet 4 - Brook Lane
Swanshurst school pedestrian refuge

Further email from Garry:

Thank you for your email in response to the consultation on the scheme proposed for Swanshurst School.

We have worked with the school & the Safer Routes to School Team to address issues they have related to pupils going to and leaving school. 

·       Raised kerbing on grass verges along Wheelers Lane - Damage to the grass verges by parents on this service road was one of the issues the school raised and so measures were proposed to prevent this.  If the response from residents to the consultation was that this is not wanted, we would not pursue the measures.

·       Introduction of double yellow lines on Wheelers Lane – Concerns were raised that vehicles parking on both side of Wheelers Lane outside Billesley PH, up to pedestrian crossing, are causing an obstruction to traffic.  Whilst it was suggested to place double yellow lines along both sides of the carriageway here it is only initially proposed to restrict one side (outside pub).  This will reduce obstruction at this location whilst still allowing some parking. 

·       Installation of additional concrete bollards on Brook Lane – It was requested that measures are taken to prevent vehicles driving along the pavement outside The Billesley PH.  There are concerns that vehicles drive along here at speed whilst pedestrians (including push chairs) walk along the pavements.

·       Construction of 1 type 4 pedestrian refuge in Brook Lane. The school & police have highlighted the issue of a large number of pupils crossing at this junction on the wrong side of the railings.  The school has made numerous requests for pupils to cease this practise but it still occurs.  It was also noticed that not all pupils crossing here go to Swanshusrt School as a large number of male students were observed doing so.  Although there is a pedestrian crossing nearby and ideally this should be used for crossing, this option is to try and make this current practise safer by providing a crossing point, with a refuge so that roads can be crossed in two halves and a small section of guard railing removed so that pupils are not walking in live traffic.    

·       New pedestrian crossing point on Brook Lane – see above

·       Construction of run-off area to roundabout. – This is to give the impression that the roundabout is larger and so the vehicles have less room to manoeuvre and so do so at lower speeds.

·       Introduction of Limited waiting & double yellow lines on Brook Lane. -   Parking in the service road on Brook Lane is a big issue and we have had many requests for measures to restrict this.  Parking problems in the vicinity of the school occur for a short period each day in the morning and afternoon.  Many parents, reluctant to park a distance away from the school entrances, park inappropriately.  This is a problem seen in many locations across the city.  However, any restrictions that are imposed will apply to residents and their visitors as well as parents picking up/dropping off.  We have had requests to prevent parking for short period am/pm to coincide with school times, from 8am to 4pm Mon to Fri and for restrictions all day.  As any restrictions will have a direct impact on the residents who live here the extent  of the limited waiting will depend on the consultation responses from the residents of Brook Lane.  If no restrictions are wanted we will not pursue this.  Residents Parking or permits exempting residents are not options for this service road and cannot be considered.  This service road is public highway and so we cannot exclude vehicles from driving along here or parking legally.

·       Raised kerbing on grass verges along Brook Lane – to match existing further down service road.  The replacing of wooden trip rail with raised kerbing is done as a matter of practise by Highways when the opportunity arises as this offers a large revenue saving to the Council over the life of the PFI maintenance contract.

·       Creation of emergency services access point - This service road was closed to enhance safety on the pelican crossing and address some historic accident issues. However, it was suggested by Billesley Councillors that lockable bollards (with standard fir locks) may be considered instead existing concrete bollards to ensure access for emergency services when the main access is blocked.

Unfortunately, I would struggle to make a meeting on the 8th as stated although I will try if this is confirmed.  I am very busy next week virtually every evening but would be available during the daytime.  If I cannot make the meeting I hope the above is enough for you to comment on.

Finally reading the 20 mph signs on Brook Lane, this work is being undertaken by Transportation Projects and they have informed me that work to implement new speed limits begins in December 2015 and is expected to be complete in Spring 2016.
There will be a pair of road signs at the point where the speed limit changes and 20mph roads will often have round 20mph symbols painted on the surface of the road. In some locations where parked cars would cover these road markings then small road signs will be mounted on lamp posts or other poles.


  1. In spite of the scandalous failure of Birmingham City Council's "road safety" team to protect children of Birmingham, including my daughter(Hope Fennell) who was killed in close proximity to her school (Queensbridge), they are still twiddling their fingers and not getting things moving fast enough.

    After Hope's death, I raised the issue-of road safety (particularly around children's schools) continuously, on a national level. This was after the realisation that within Birmingham's politics, our campaign would not go as far as needed to move things forward in favour of public interest.
    I've now been campaigning for a good part of 4 years. BCC is increasingly losing the ability to sweep things under the carpet.
    The community is awakening.
    Quite a lot has been achieved through the campaign since the death of my daughter Hope.

    Cllrs who've grabbed political positions without serving the community are swift to claim my work as 'their own' achievements. When the truth is that those same people failed to even raise simple road signs near 'school zones' as a warning to drivers, particularly HGV drivers who should not have unlimited, unrestricted access in and out of our roads near schools.

    Let us have another good look into our community. Most politicians we are dealing with are sadly serving themselves rather than the Community.
    Please take a few minutes to follow through these consultations.

    Don't leave your Children's well-being in the hands of local politicians.
    The price you may have to pay is unbearable.

    #LiveinHope @liveinhope13

    FB LiveinHope-Road safety Campaign.

    1. Hi Nazan - thanks for your support, and hope we can bring about changes locally soon.

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