Friday 10 June 2011

Mind the grass, not the children

There was a major rebuilding of Wheelers Lane Primary in 2007, combining the two sites - see photo new main entrance for infants.

Since then the lollipop man has been run over three times, there has been media coverage and parents continue to campaign for change to improve the road access, where children and cars mix a little too freely - please see Wheelers Lane Safe Route to School.

So what are the council doing to correct the situation?  Raising of the kerbs (see picture) to ensure cars won't drive on the grass, that's what!

Councillor Mullaney assured the parents and school measures would be in place after half term.  I thought I'd be getting photos of workmen preparing the yellow markings and barriers in place ready for after half term.

Workmen were 100 yards away, completing those all important high curbs to save our grass verges.

1 comment:

  1. Work update - there are temporary barriers put up around the school and lollipop people manning the new crossing areas. No sign of more permanent solution.

    High kerbs in our area are now completed, and the all important work of replacing those lamp posts (in perfect working order) continues.