Sunday 29 May 2011

Death of Liberty?

Last November we didn't get to plant out a Blueberry bush, Liberty, I got as present, from good friend Rachel. I think the frost's got it, but Nikki thinks leave another year and may come back.

I was going to hide it behind the runner beans, Nikki has put it with other pot plants near house to nurture.

I suppose it's good to keep hope, keep going, even when all hope seems lost. Nikki says 'put your phone down and get loading the dishwasher!'

Will update on liberty next year, if any change.

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  1. I played my part in this by having it languish in my hallway for too long. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing so I reckon Nikki's right to try a bit of tlc on it. It's the trying that counts with liberty (and plants).

  2. We all play our part. You sound very Albus - Have you joined the Harry Potter Alliance? Find on Twitter and web. Alternatively Buddhists would put it down to bad karma. You'll have to ask Jago or Arthur to tell you about the 'Goodest Buddhist', if they haven't already.

    Thanks for comment and maybe we'll work together for liberty in coming year!

  3. Deserves a blog of its own, but some collaborative poetry from Nikki, Jago, Arthur:

    The Goodest Buddhist was so good,
    He always wore a yellow hood.
    He always did the things he should,
    The goodest buddhist was so good.