Saturday 20 March 2010

3rd Workshop 18th March 2010

Arrived 2:30 to talk to senior citizens and see whether they were interested, and what they might be prepared to do. Cynthia and Brenda agreed to stay on after to meet OOSC.

The school group only arrives at 3:30, which means Brenda and Cynthia did have to hang around a bit, but OOSC interviewers decided to delay tea so we could start straight away. Some good questions, but group size of 12 is a little large and means it is harder for everyone to ask questions - something to change for next time.

I had prepared the ‘Shenley History Detectives’ cards for the group which all were happy about, and responding to what they wanted to do (and I did too) we got out paints and began a mural, ‘Museum of Shenley Green’.

There were plenty of ideas, including wanting themselves in the museum, so we began outlining everyone, finding space on the wall, and painting all on.

Everyone enjoyed the activity, and as parents arrived (and staff from the office) more people had a go painting with their children and for themselves.

Each of the ‘Shenley History Detectives’ took a folder with them, and I’m hoping some of them will begin collecting material from parents, interviews, artwork, whatever, for our project.

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