Saturday 20 March 2010

2nd Workshop 11th March 2010

Arrived 1:00 for the senior citizens. I had compiled the photos from last week and printed of many of them. Mike from Archives had also brought archive material about the area and photos from ‘Suburban Birmingham’ project. We had maps of the area from 1887 and 1937.

Alan Shrimpton from BVT and Phil Benjamin-Coker from Weoley Library also came to meet the group. A music group had been booked in on the same day, but there was time afterwards for us to chat with the group. Although some of the group were interested in joining the OOSC group later on in the project, no one was available for today. I had a backup plan for later, but it was a shame not to persuade anyone to meet the young people on the first week, as there is a limited amount of time on our project.

The OOSC group were pleased with their photos and we began attaching them to the map they had started last week. We also talked about what they would like to do on the project, and started by interviewing themselves, and then the staff.

The cameras were also available for more photos of the centre, and we drew everyone together at 5:15 (those left) for group photos which did not include faces. Quickly the group decided to try writing on the floor with their bodies – eventually writing their own club name on the floor.

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