Sunday 8 January 2017

Woodcraft at Billesley Lane Allotments

A brook runs right through the allotments
Today I was shown around Woodcraft Folk's new plot at Billesley Lane Allotments by Carron and Kerry.

It's tucked away on the edge of  Moseley Golf Course and barely visible from the street, and from the allotments themselves, you wouldn't know you were anywhere near Birmingham. 

We're Plot 18!
Allotments are, of course, great for getting a deeper understanding of food production and the natural world, and that's exactly why we were first interested.  Our plot already includes a pond, and while we hope to do some planting too, it's positioned on the edge of the allotments and has an ideal watery bit for willow tunnel/igloo and some hazel coppicing.

The people at the allotment have really made us feel welcome already and we're looking forward to spending more time on there!  Find out more about Billesley Lane Allotments.

The bird hide

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