Sunday 6 November 2016

Young firestarters

Learning to strike a match
On Thursday night we had a Woodcraft campfire in Highbury Park in Birmingham.  There will be many bonfires being lit across the UK and youth groups getting involved, but for woodcraft, the campfire holds a special place, and the involvement of all its members.

The campfire is an opportunity to share and learn something about fire - in true woodcraft spirit, everyone contributes what they know, Once everyone seems clear about what fire is, we gave small groups (with adult supervision) a box of matches to work out how matches work - gaining in confidence and understanding by doing..
What do you know about fire?

The children wittled willow to cook marsh mallows and dampers, sang their own songs and sang some woodcraft songs, 50 young people in a campfire circle in Highbury Park:
'Circles are fundamental to Woodcraft Folk...Campfires create circles of warmth where we talk and sing together.  As we say in our leaving song, 'Link your arms together a circle we make.This bond of our friendship no power can break..."'
More woodcraft campfire photos:

Thanks to Jonathan Lee (Woodcraft folker and firestarter), Highbury Park Friends and Chamberlain Highbury Trust.

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