Thursday 4 February 2016

Making time for discovery

It'll always be that moment when there's no time to stop - you have three kids and a tight schedule of pick-ups, drop downs, and taxiing, and there in the bush outside the classroom is a ladybird.

It moves lazily across a leaf as a small crowd of children form.


  • What do ladybirds eat?
  • Where do they go in winter?
  • What is hibernation?
  • Is it going to live?

It was a beautiful seven-spot ladybird coming out of hibernation, probably too early to survive, as there are no aphids.  Soon the crowd moves on and the ladybird is left to die in peace.

Whether it's a minecraft world or a ladybirds, the inquiring mind of a child is fab - something we need to make time for both for our children and as adults.

Some ladybird links:

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