Sunday 20 July 2014

Labours social media masterclass

Like thousands of others I found out which baby number I was - 15,454,932 (roughly) born in the NHS, and posted on Facebook, alongside an add for the Labour party - a classic piece of 'What Google would do', and also what pretty much every 'top tips for social media' pages suggest.  Here's a few of the things it does:

  • Uses a story to relate to the issue
  • The story is personal and easy to understand
  • Format is easy access, share & copy and doesn't force you to a particular site
  • Clear concept, ties in with leadership messages
  • Doesn't answer anything for people - not afraid to let people to use as they want
  • Opens conversations on a sensitive topic - not shying away from tricky stuff 
  • Encourages positive media debate
  • Identifies key success of NHS being set up by Labour
  • Suggests Labour is open to listening - easy to add your own comment
  • Labour logo and key message spread not just by Labour hardcore, but taps into a 'silent majority' of NHS fans

Will Labour take a similar approach to capitalise on Tory education 'privatisation' own goal, and rescue their own reputation on education (at the moment Tories can say 'Academies' a Tony Blair idea)?

Or will the miserymongers be allowed to dominate, continuing a straw man campaign of fear and loathing (trojan horse!? what irony) appealing to Zenophobes, Islamophobes and conspiracy theorists to implement yet more ill-considered policies in education and beyond, while the children at schools across Birmingham and the UK suffer?

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