Thursday 16 January 2014

Swan Corner Community Group

BCC Location of road injuries, 2010-2012.
Jago, my son, is the purple blob in the
middle of Brook Lane 
On Tuesday 28th Jan 2014, 7:30 to 9:30 Swan Corner Community Group will meet/ drop-in for the first time.  It feels like a significant step for me - being more involved in caring for my immediate local area, and taking more responsibility with our neighbours.

As with all groups, it was a particular issue which brought it about - planned road improvements.  But as we began talking to each other more issues were raised, and the more the need for a community group grew:

  • Planned road improvements and immediate effect on roads leading to the roundabout
  • Waste ground around the pub, anti-social behaviour and community planting plans
  • Parking for parents of Swanshurst causes problems at pick up and drop down
  • Increase in burglaries locally
  • Road accidents along our roads and the citywide 20mph plans
  • Larger 'Long Park Corridor' project 
  • Sustrans project improving access for cyclists and pedestrians
  • More street play for our children

Locally I've helped set up community groups before - Kings Heath Community Centre Garden Club, KHCC Stay & Play, and Hall Green Arts Forum, all of which were exciting and challenging.  With all those groups it was primarily about having some fun, either with kids and/or creative stuff, with people who wanted similar things.  Is Swan Corner different?  Is there enough shared to bring us together, or will our different interests and huge agenda be too much?

Looking forward to Tuesday 28th!

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