Sunday 24 February 2013

Sale, one listed walled garden

The Horticultural, conservation & Training unit at Leasowes Park has been closed since summer 2012, and not too surprised to see the 'For sale' sign going up.

If I had a spare few thousand, definitely something I'd be interested in - a maintained historic walled garden, in need of some renovation.

Plans to sell it faltered in 2007 when the college changed it's mind, and it's future has very much been under a cloud since.  It has been hoped the council might 'buy back' the garden from the college, but does the appearance of a 'for sale' sign signal the end of this possibility?

I'm particularly saddened given the historical significance of the park and the efforts of the active and able Friends of the Leasowes (contact @Leasowes_Park on Twitter)

The community around Leasowes and the suitability of the site itself is crying out for some kind of community venture.  Is there someone out there willing to take it on?

Below is video from a project I was involved in in 2009 with the Friends showing the garden, presented by a Stourbridge College group using the garden at the time:

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  1. I hope something is sorted soon - such a waste

  2. I've asked @Leasowes_Park (Friends of the Leasowes) to give an update. Not been in the park for a while now. Agree with you and hope something is done before deteriorates any more.

  3. We are proposing to buy the site for the community, in perpetuity. We are still short of funds. Anyone wishing to donate to this charitable venture can do so through this link:

    1. Hi, Are you part of the Abbey Trust/ council/ friends of Leasowes partnership I've been reading about in latest Leasowes newsletter?

    2. Ah, yes, followed link now. Can I''ll promote / support where I can. Hope all goes well. M