Saturday 19 February 2011

Techno Toddlers riding homemade horses

I was taking photos of children at our stay and play, and immediately the children wanted to see themselves.  Inagine a world where you couldn't see the photo immediately? Not for these toddlers.

My  Blackberry, only marginally younger than the children, looked like a bit of a brick to them.  They all had their fingers trying to push the photos on to see some more.

Two thoughts - first of all, this touch screen technology is genuinely easy enough for a toddler to use, and the toddlers in my stay & play have access to cutting edge technology.  Hmm.

Also a good excuse to show our video.  Horses made by residents at Evergreen Care Home, ridden by the Jockeys at Kings Heath Community Centre Stable (consent from parents).

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