Monday 8 November 2010

Boys with long hair, girls with short hair, stop messing with our minds!

Last night we spent the evening with fine tooth comb, combing,combing.  Arthur has (or had) nits.  Arthur and Jago both had fashionable long hair, as does most of Arthur's natty (and nitty) friends.  We persuaded both to have hair cut, after much tears, and abortive attempt to comb long hair, both agreed to have me cut their hair - a job I've always done in family.

Today, however, I took Freya for her first haircut - I thought the hairdressers might be a nice treat for both of us.  First thing hairdresser said rubbed me up the wrong way - 'Is Daddy looking after you today?'

Yes, I am.  I share all the childcare and housework (yes, I hoover, change nappies, and can even operate a washing machine), not that I need to tell you.  Is it still that rare that 'Daddy' looking after the kids is noteworthy?  It's something some concerned strangers feel the need to ask my children, as if 'Mummy' must surely be hiding behind a tree, a benign presence nearby.  It's as if they're thinking, 'poor child - you need saving. This man is probably one of those perverts you read about'.  Is it any surprise us male child carers aren't so visible on the High Streets or in the Playgroups?

Boy or Girl?  Who cares? Pass the olives, Dad.
Anyway, back to the hairdressers.  She (yes she was a woman, and with short hair) thought that Freya shouldn't have too much hair cut off, otherwise she'd look like a boy.  I pointed out that Freya uses her hair as a handkerchief, napkin and it gets in her eyes and mouth.  I didn't mention Arthur's nits, and sadly her brothers, formerly with beautiful shoulder-length blonde hair, were not there.

 'Have you tried tying it back?'

Yes.  We have a bag of 100 hair ties we are working way through at rate of three or four a day, to no effect.

 'Are you sure?'

Should I phone a friend?  Was she still waiting for Mummy to come through the door to rescue her?  Yes I was sure.

'I won't do a fringe.'

Please make sure the hair is short enough so it doesn't go in her eyes. That's why she needs a haircut.

After painful few minutes, Freya having hair cut on my knee, she didn't do a bad cut (see picture), but I reckon we'll be back with bowl and scissors in the bathroom next time.

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