Thursday 12 February 2015

Woodcraft folk taming dragons

There's nothing more satisfying than watching dragons dance - particularly if you've helped make the dragons, and got a whole team of your mates to operate it.  That was the Elfin challenge tonight, and with ten minutes to go, it looked like we weren't going to do it, but with one last negotiation between head and bottom, drummer and dragon trainer, suddenly it all happened:

Woodcraft folk believe passionately in equality and co-operation - a great ethos, but in terms of what we do, it might be hard sometimes to see a difference between our activities and activities at Scout troops and other youth movements.  Perhaps not surprising if you start to delve a little into it's history, that Scouting and Woodcraft paths have crossed.  I might be as happy making dragons with Scouts or Cubs, but there is something about being part of the cooperative movement, strongly pacifist, non-nationalist, non-religious, not a woggle in sight, that warms the cockles.

Here's the song we sing at the end of every session.  I learnt the words, but still not clear on the tune:
Link your hands together
A circle we make;
This bond of our friendship
No power can break.
Let's all sing together
In one merry throng;
Should any be weary
We'll help them along;
Should any be weary
We'll help them along.

And here's some folders of activities Elfins from Moseley & Kings Heath have been doing over the last couple of months:

Elfins Dancing Dragon
Elfin plastic flowers
Efins Christmas tree
Elfins Circus skills

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