Saturday 3 May 2014

Election fervor

Two weeks ago (last blog) I wasn't so sure who my MEPs were, so I found them and wrote to all 7 of them.  Well here are the responses I got, all 2 of them (also copy of the letter I wrote):

Dear [name],

As elections approach I have become aware how little I know about my MEPs.

I recently noticed you've represented me in Europe for [however many] years.  I know you have been working hard on my behalf.  I am interested to know what you think your biggest achievements have been in your time as an MEP, and any personal thoughts on your priorities during this time and the future.  I would like to share your response to other West Midland citizens via a blog.
Thanks, and looking forward to your response.
Yours Faithfully,
Marcus Belben

Dear mr. Belsen,
Thank you for your email. Rather than write a lengthy email can I refer you to our local website which gives details of West Midlands conservative MEPs activities  over recent times. The address is and gives details of our work both in the region and in Parliament.
Your sincerely,
Philip bradbourn MEP

Dear Marcus.Happy Easter.My proudest moment as an MEP so far would be bringing the Prime Minister to the dispatch box by a public petition, the first time ever in history. If you would be so kind to forward me your address I would like to forward you some info in the post?Best WishesNikki
Office of Nikki Sinclaire MEP
Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands
nikkimep@googlemail (Press)
Nikki Sinclaire 0121 359 5933Twitter: @NSinclaireMEP

1st Floor, 123 New John Street, Birmingham, B6 4LD

No other responses, sadly, and I can't help understanding why people might agree with (of all people) Boris Johnson when he says MEPs are on a gigantic boondoggle .

The truth is, though that these elected representatives will face some very big decisions which will effect all of us, both in terms of the grander Eurozone and currency plans, to issues of particular local concern, like the safety of trucks on our roads - and, mostly bizarrely, the latest polls put UKIP with a huge 9% lead over other parties (with 36%!)

UKIP is the largest party of the EFD (European of Freedom and Democracy) grouping of parties in Europe (who incidently are the only MEP group voting against improvements to truck safety).  The grouping includes Lega Nord and other colourful right wing factions who do not want to be a part of Europe, although most of which (particularly UKIP) take an active role in the various committees and other decision-making bodies.

Please come to hustings (10th May, 11:00 to 2:00 at All Saints, High Street Kings Heath) for your European representatives, and don't forget local hustings.  Ours is: 

Local election hustings event 13 May 2014

The 2014 local elections will be held on Thursday 22 May. The hustings event, where you can meet the candidates, will take place at 7:30pm on Tuesday 13 May at the All Services Club, Church Road, Moseley.

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  1. you're right to point out the fact that UKIP is gaining power in EP under the name EPP-- now Phil Bennion is the MEP for WM and a personal campaigner of HGV safety. Luckily he is also the spokes person for the European Transport Committee.
    Speak to him for more info on his EP activities.
    Nazan Live in Hope

    Ps UKIP do take home the wages of MEP only to vote against everything. anarchists of european union. we need to raise awareness of the issue

    1. I thought UKIP led EFD group and not part of EPP, with no official UK MEPs since David Cameron took Tories out.

      I emailed all 7 WM MEPs - Glad to hear Phil Bennion supporting HGV safety improvements, and that EU seems to be moving on this.

      Thanks for comment, and pls forward any more useful info or links.