Sunday 18 March 2012

Auntie Muriel

I sleep with my ears covered. It's a hang up from my childhood when I imagined witches would fly into my ears and give me nightmares. It offers little protection from children. Freya woke me up this morning with her usual 'Roar!' (although she's given up on putting the pudsey bear ears on) and a letter, already opened.

It was from a solicitor in Harrogate, Re. Muriel Cooper deceased. She died in November 2011, unknown to me, but had bequeathed me £1,000. I had stopped sending xmas cards a couple of years ago, as she moved from her house and I had no idea where she had moved too (or why).

Auntie Muriel and Uncle Maurice had been very important to me between the ages of 4 and 13. I spent a lot of time at their house playing ludo, scrabble and walking Bobbie the dog.

I think they were the only people I told about the witches until many years later. When I did, Auntie Muriel lent me Uncle Maurice's sword to fight them, which I did in their front room every time I visited for quite a while, and don't think I broke a thing. I asked them not to tell anyone - I don't think they did.

They were both very kind to me, but more than that. They listened to me, took me seriously, and helped, even if my childish ideas made little sense to them.

Thank you Auntie Muriel and Uncle Maurice.
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  1. What tender memories! We all hope for an Auntie Muriel and Uncle Maurice in the lives of our children, it is very precious to have those extra ears listening to us ... young and old!