Friday 10 December 2010

Jago's first blog

I hope you're having a good time at school. I've been swimming lots, and I've been on a plane.

On the plane the telly had Cbeebies on and I looked out of the window and saw everything tiny.

We went to the hotel with the swimming pool in Los Angeles (Hotel Roosevelt). We went to a place with all the stars and the globe in it (Griffith Observatory). We went by train (LA Metro) and we went on a long, long walk.

There was mountain lions and rattle snakes. We only saw tracks of them, but we did see a woodpecker and squirrel.

My favourite bit was my weight on Jupiter and earth and all of those. On Jupiter I was 100! On earth I wasn't heavy.

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  1. Thank you for your blog. Have you had a good time? You have done good writing. We hope you are having a good time.I hope you enjoy your cottage. Hope you have a smiley face all day.

    Thank you for the picture, we love it!

    From all the children in FK (in their words) and Miss Barclay and Mrs Newman.