Friday 27 August 2010

Normandy and Bayeux

A long drive and light closing in Normandy when we approach our first campsite.  It was called 'Camp Oasis'.  Sadly the 'Camp Oasis' we'd booked was ten miles up the coast.  No matter, we got there in the morning, slightly cleaner, three not two stars, but still no toilet seats.  That must be four star.  So, what to do in Normandy mid summer with three children under 7?

We went for the truly awesome Bayeux tapestry.  There was a bit of a queue - I'd have settled for the tea towel, but Nikki was determined, so three hours later, we were there.  Slightly disappointed not to see Harold Hardrada there, or the giant beserker who held Stanford Bridge, or Harold's mates Magnus and Eric, which had made the bulk of my story to keep kids going in the queue, but that's Normans for you.  Although apparently it was probably made by English nuns.

Anyway, 68 metres of embroidery with English audio did,amazingly, keep all children enthralled for the hour or so we were there.  It's got to be up there with Eiffel Tower for top things to do in France.  One of the oldest works of community art in existence!

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  1. The Bayeaux tapestry is astonishing. That it still survives amazes me - but it brings two nations together in a shared history.