Swan Corner

Swan Corner community group are people who share an interest in the area surrounding the roundabout outside Swanshurst School, on the intersection of Brook Lane, Wheelers Lane and Cold Bath Road.

We represent our local community and are interested in taking positive collaborative action to care for the area outside Swanshurst School, the roads and pathways leading to it.

We are part of a wider group of Long Park Corridor groups caring for spaces and communities locally, and supported by Kings Heath Residents Forum and Birmingham City Council.

Please contact us by email:


Swan Corner News update

Marcus Belben 7th Sept
First newsletter for Swan Corner Community Group.

Know your neighbour

Marcus Belben 29th May
Last week it was time to put letters through the doors to invite everyone to our community group. It's a job I quite like doing, and one which our kids are always happy to volunteer for.  We were also delivering a first letter inviting residents to take part in 'Playing out' on two late summer afternoons.

Spring on Swan Corner

Marcus Belben 12th April 2014
Swan Corner's second AGM is this Tuesday (14th April).  It's been a busy year with plenty going on, and plenty planned for the coming year.  Here's a few photos from this weekend on the corner, showing some of our hard work springing back to life:

Litter picking on Swan Corner

Marcus Belben 11th March
It didn't take long, but the results speak for themselves - a good hour's work.  Thanks Oz and all the volunteers.

So why are we here?

Marcus Belben 18th December 2014
I was making willow stars with girls from Swanshurst Girls School at their 'Winter Celebration' event when a friend saw me, and asked, 'So why are you here?'...

Looking after your own

Marcus Belben 14th September 2014
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead       Playing out 7th August 2014

Veteran's day gallery

Swanshurst School 30th June 2014
The seventh veteran's day included Swanshurst School's Swan dance - part of a series of collaboration projects with Swan Corner Community Group...

The Great War, football and Birmingham

Marcus Belben 19th May 2014
On Christmas day 1914,German soldiers of the 134th Saxon Regiment met with men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in no man’s land, for a game of football...

Designing a sculpure

Graham Jones 15th May 2014
So much great work going on at Swanshurst School with Swan Corner community group!  Here is selection of photos by the sculpture group working with…

Strawberry and bamboo

Jamie H-D 13th May 2014
Jamie reports: We planted strawberries, weeding the hill as we went along. We also put fast-growing bamboo in a new area of land. Finally, we…
Jamie Hill Daniel documented workshop with Swanshurst School 28th April 2014, planting trees and whips on Swan Corner... Read more

Jamie reports from Swan Corner

Jamie H-D 4th April 2014
On Tuesday, I went with Marcus Belben to Swan Corner, bringing plants, gardening tools and wood chippings. Swan Corner is a community project to improve  the area around the Brook Lane/Wheelers Lane roundabout, started by Marcus and supported by residents and organisations including Swanshurst School. We were expecting a group from the school to come and help, and sure enough... Read more

Swan Corner Workshops begin 

Hall Green Arts 13th March 2014
Yesterday (11th March) we began workshops at Swanshurst School with 30 young volunteers eager to improve our environment - making it safer and bringing people together to discuss parking, traffic and other issues, thanks to funding from Near Neighbours, as part of Hall Green Arts &Kings Heath Centre for Space Exploration project.... Read more

Swan Corner Workshops begin 

Being a green team 4th February 2014
Following my Green Pledge as part of the Green Ed Tech Team to stick a spade into Wheelers Lane/ Swanshurst roundabout, we have stuck our first spade into the ground the roundabout... Read more

Where's Howie gone?

Marcus Belben 12th November 2013
Howie is a jolly round gnome, 25cm tall, dressed in green and yellow and big black boots, last seen in a tree near New Billesley Pub.  He's been moving around for a little while, ready for people to find, have a chat with, take a photo.  At the end of last week he went missing, location unknown...Read more

Click here to see Our Consitution, adopted first AGM, 29th April 2014

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